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Summit fever
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May 16, 2004 06: 30 EST
I’m happy to announce that our campmates and friends, Tom McMillan, Ngawang Sherpa, Nima Gombu Sherpa, Nima Tashi Sherpa and Pem Dorjee Sherpa have safely summitted, this morning at around 7:45am. We’re thrilled, ecstatic, proud to call them friends, and generally jazzed to have been a small part of their expedition and success. The 3 Sherpa climbers even carried our EBC patches to the summit and hopefully we’ll have photos to post of this in the near future. This photo, taken by summiteer Ngawang Sherpa was of their team negotiating the ladders earlier in the season.

We’ve also had confirmation that our Chilean friends, Andronico, Annabelle and company have summitted as well. Henry Todd's group has topped out as have some Malaysians. And we’re delighted as can be that the first Greek has summitted Everest – and wish the rest of the team luck in their next bid too.
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