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Khumbu first aid training complete!
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Feb 11, 2008 16: 39 EST
What a week! It began with a welcome from the top brass of Phortse village at the gate, surrounded by roaming endangered musk deer and glorious danphe - we were made welcome in this austere little village nestled between the Gokyo and Khumbu valleys. We commenced to educating 24 enthusiastic students during 5 days of hard work. Instructors Sue Purvis, Kristin Petersen, Birgen Knoff and myself learned as much as our students about how to make our patients safer in high altitude cold enviroments; the goal to make our Nepali friends the best trekking and climbing guides around. Thanks and hats off to Sue for pulling together a program that combined her classic EaMT curriculum with some of the special needs of the KCS climbing students. We were so impressed with some of our stellar students that we invited them back to help teach next years course.

While the medical instructors head off for R&R or home, the KCS continues all week. We wish them safe climbing!

Instructors Purvis, Petersen, Freer, Knoff on the trail
Students learn to examine each other for injury
2008 Graduating class
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