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EBC tent city burgeoning
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Apr 11, 2007 04: 05 EST
Things are picking up at basecamp with more expedition teams coming in every day; it’s turning into quite the tent city. A bakery and cinema are being set up as we speak (we’ll review and get back to you with the eval!

At the clinic we have seen more than twenty patients already (with Khumbu cough still the number one diagnosis) and adjusting to the harsh environment is proving difficult for some of the new arrivals. The ladders are all set to camp one (here’s some EBC trivia – the icefall doctors have set 32 ladders in the icefall this season) and the climbers are moving up the icefall to spend their first nights at camp 1. Many team Sherpa are pushing further to establish camp two. As climbers foray higher, we are ready for the inevitable start of more high altitude maladies – frostbite and serious altitude illnesses among others.
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