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A great idea!
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Apr 17, 2007 09: 15 EST
There’s a bakery at Everest Base Camp. No kidding, and it’s darned good! I was a bit skeptical at first, wondering just how well pastry can be made at 5350m – don’t get me wrong – a cake or pie at EBC gets most of us happy, but it’s not usually top shelf kind of baking.

Think again.

Enter base camps’ first bakery, the brainchild of Dawa Steven Sherpa. But it goes beyond mouth watering apple pie and banana bread and coffee. Dawa wanted to create a place – a neutral place -- that could serve as a pleasant meeting spot for all. On a previous trip to Cho Oyu he noticed that many climbing camps were closed to non members and there was no place for folks to congregate to discuss everything from the best crampons to world politics.

Well, Dawa’s got a great thing going. The pastries rival shops at sea level, and word is that he’ll be opening a cinema too. Climbers from 4 different camps were stopping in for sweets on my first visit – and really enjoying themselves. My bet is that he’ll be looking for more chairs to accommodate the crowds soon.

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